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At asic miner market, we offer expert consultation, tailored solutions, a full range of products, and technical support to our clients. With over 7 years of industry experience, we are committed to helping our customers maximize their mining potential with asic miners, bitmain miners, avalon miners and many others.


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Our Crypto Affiliate Programme is designed to reward people who help us spread the word. At Asic Miner Market we’re the World’s leading experts in crypto mining. Our CEO, Jang, holds 11 long years of experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.
If you’re looking to sell mining hardware, look no further. Spread the word about our rigs; we handle the selling. If you refer anyone interested, it could result in commission for you.
Commission options:

Join ASIC MINER MARKET today and earn with our Crypto Affiliate Programme!

£200 per full price unit sale (cash)
£300 in mining rig credit (per rig sold, towards your next purchase)
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